STep Ahead Recognition System (STARS)

posted Feb 19, 2016, 8:50 AM by Elaine Hulett   [ updated Mar 28, 2017, 7:13 AM ]
5 STARS CertificateSTARS is Vermont’s quality recognition system for child care, preschool, and afterschool programs. Programs that participate in STARS are stepping ahead — going above and beyond state regulations to provide professional services that meet the needs of children and families.

We are pleased to announce that on November 15, 2015 the SVSU Early Education Program earned a 5 STARS rating when we received a Certificate of Achievement for "demonstrated accomplishments in providing quality child care above and beyond compliance with the State of Vermont's basic regulatory standards for licensed programs".

What the STARS Mean

The more stars a program has, the more it is involved in a wide range of practices that support children, families, and professionals.
  • One-star programs are examining their practices to enhance the services they provide. They may be fairly new, just starting on a path of improvement and growth, or be stronger in one area.
  • Two-star programs are making a commitment to strengthen their practices. They may have made some progress in many areas or more progress in one or two areas.
  • Three-star programs have made improvements and are working to reach specific goals. They have either made substantial progress in two or three areas or have made some improvements across all five areas.
  • Four-star programs are established programs that have met several standards of quality in all five areas. Many four-star programs are also nationally accredited.
  • Five-star programs are outstanding in all five areas. Many five-star programs are also nationally accredited.