7210 - SVSU Executive Committee

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SVSU Executive Committee

As approved at the Southwest Vermont Supervisory Union Board of Directors meeting on February 24, 2011, members have established an executive committee under Vermont Statute Title 16 264 (b) to act on behalf of the Supervisory Union Board as further described in this policy beginning July 2011. The executive committee will meet in months during which the full Supervisory Union Board will not meet (July, September, October, January, April, and May).


The executive committee shall have the following members:
  1. The Chairpersons or their designee from the elected SVSU district representatives of
    a. Bennington School District
    b. Pownal School District
    c. Shaftsbury School District
    d. North Bennington School District
    e. Woodford School District
    f. Mount Anthony Union School District #14
    Should an SVSU representative be designated by their respective Chair their membership is understood to be as the district representative to the executive committee not as a substitute for the Chair when the Chair is unable to attend executive committee meetings
  2. The Chair of the Supervisory Union Board
  3. The Vice Chair of the Supervisory Union Board, an ex officio member
  4. The Superintendent of Schools, an ex officio member


A quorum of the executive committee shall be five individuals with at least four of the School districts being represented.

Executive committee meetings shall be conducted by the Chair of the SVSU Board or the Vice Chair in the Chair’s absence. In the Chair’s absence the Vice Chair will be a voting participant. All meetings will be warned, held in public, and follow Robert’s Rules of Order. The executive committee may enter executive session under the provisions of the Vermont Open meeting Law, Vermont Statute 1, Paragraph 313. Minutes will be kept of the meetings, posted, and distributed for inclusion in the consent agenda for regularly scheduled full SVSU Board Meetings. Executive committee members will represent their respective districts and will not be required to confer with their respective district boards before taking action during executive committee meetings (voting as an executive committee member). Members of the executive committee may participate via conference call or video conference confirming that they can hear and participate in the discussion and voting during the executive committee meeting.

Responsibilities delegated to the Executive Committee include:
  1. Approval of SVSU consent agenda items such as warrants, personnel matters including such as nominations, acceptance of resignations and retirements, acknowledgement of reassignments.
  2. Agenda preparation with the Chair of the SVSU Board and Superintendent for subsequent full meetings of the SVSU Board
  3. To receive and review working drafts of policy forwarding to individual boards for warning and approval before returning to the full SVSU Board for final approval
  4. To prepare with the Superintendent and Chief Financial Office, or designees a preliminary SVSU Budget for consideration by the full SVSU board.
  5. To review Budget Status Reports and Treasurer’s reports in the months in which the SVSU Executive Committee meets.
  6. To review job descriptions prior to submission to the SVSU Board for approval.

This is a supervisory union board policy established under Vermont Statute Title 16 264 (b) adopted by the SVSU on February 24, 2011.

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