6382 - Home Study Programs

Policy 6382 Home Study Programs title box

In the belief that resident home study students and regularly enrolled public school students can benefit from jointly participating in appropriate school activities and programs, links between home study students and their local public school should be encouraged to promote these benefits.

Approved home study programs are recognized by law as legitimate alternatives to enrollment in public schools. Even when not required by law, appropriate school activities and programs will therefore be offered to home study students as available, in the absence of a budgetary, school climate, or adverse educational impact on enrolled public school students. Limited District support of home study programs is in the financial interest of the voters of that District and the educational interest of the students,
  1. Constituent Districts of the SVSU will extend the opportunity of public education in grades K-12 to residents of their districts. Each District’s primary responsibility is to those students regularly enrolled in its public schools.
  2. Support will be provided to programs which are conducted under the provisions of VSA 16.166b (Home Study Program), subject to the availability of resources and avoiding interference with the regular school program. Support provided may include:
    a. Copies of curricula
    b. Loan of texts or other books (provided they are not needed by regularly enrolled students)
    c. Use of school library
    d. Participation in special programs, such as assemblies, accompanied by an adult, as may be deemed appropriate by the principal
    e. Consultation with staff members on educational matters
    f. Otherwise as determined appropriate by the principal
  3. Requests for assistance will be directed to the principal of the school serving the home study student’s residence. This Principal will determine the nature and amount of support to be rendered.
  4. Each District will follow Vermont law with respect to students with disabilities who are enrolled in approved home study programs.

Policy 6382 warning and adoption dates

Administrative Regulations/Procedures for SVSU-wide Policy #6382

I. Participation Guidelines:

The parent or guardian of a child enrolled in an approved home study program who decides yea or nay about the request on what criteria his/her child participates in age/grade level appropriate classes, activities, or programs, on a space available basis, provided at or by the public school serving that child's residence pursuant to the following guidelines.

A. The school will notify the parent of the times at which the child must arrive and depart from the school.
B. The school assumes full responsibility for and authority over the child during the time in which the child is on the school premises.
C. The school assumes responsibility and authority for instruction and assessment in the designated areas in which the student is enrolled at the public school.
D. The parent or guardian assumes full responsibility for curriculum, instruction, and assessment in all other areas and for assuring the child's regular attendance according to the public portion of the public school program in which s/he is enrolled.
E. A parent electing home study program shall provide the principal with a copy of the home study program approved by the Commissioner of Education as outlined in VSA 16.166b.
F. The student must follow all school policies and rules and must meet the same standards as regularly enrolled students.
G. Nothing herein shall be construed to prevent the school from cooperating with the parent or guardian in the development and implementation of the home study program.
H. The parent/guardian maintains the right to appeal the decision made under this policy by a principal to the superintendent or his/her designee.

II. Use of School Texts, Library Books, and other Resources:

A: Home study students may use public school facilities and equipment on the same basis as regularly enrolled students, provided:

  1. The participation does not disrupt, interfere, or conflict with use by enrolled students, staff, or special programs.
  2. The participation has been approved by the building principal prior to use.
  3. The participation will not create an additional expense to the school classroom department.
  4. The participation does not involve removing furniture or equipment from the school premises.
  5. Should participation be denied by the principal, the parent has the right to appeal the decision to the superintendent. The superintendent shall render a decision within 30 days.

B: Home Study students may be permitted to use public school texts and library books, provided:

  1. Library books are signed out and returned in accordance with the library loan policy.
  2. Textbooks are signed out to the home study student for a period of no longer than one school year.
  3. The home study student and his/her parent agree to pay the school department for all lost, damaged, and/or non-returned texts and/or library books.

III. Participation in Co-Curricular Activities:

Home study students may be permitted to attend school field trips, assemblies, science, social studies, or math fairs, and social functions or to participate in sports activities provided:
  1. Reasonable notice of a request to participate has been given by the parent or guardian to the principal, and prior permission has been given by the principal.
  2. Any additional expense is paid by the parent or guardian.
  3. There is space available.
  4. There is adequate supervision. The parent may be required to attend the activity with the student.
  5. Sports participation as permitted under the rules of the Vt. Principal’s Association.
  6. Should participation be denied by the principal, the parent has the right to appeal the decision to the superintendent. The superintendent shall render a decision within 30 days.

IV. Participation in Testing:

Home study students may be permitted to participate in standardized testing and Vermont assessments, provided:
A. Participation is approved by the building principal prior to the testing dates.
B. There is staff available to perform the testing.
C. The public school will administer these tests.