6330 - Student Eligibility for Athletics & Co-Curricular Activities

Policy 6330 Student Eligibility for Athletics and Co-Curricular Activities title box

It is the policy of the Directors of the Southwest Vermont Supervisory Union, Bennington School District, Inc., Mount Anthony Union School District, North Bennington Graded School District, Pownal School District, Shaftsbury School District, and Woodford School District to encourage participation in athletics and the various other activities that are offered at the middle and high schools. These activities are recognized as any athletics team, club, organization, or group which meets on a regular basis and does not offer course credit for participation. For those classes bearing academic credit, school rules apply.

Eligibility for participation at the middle school and high school will be determined by:
a. A student must have a minimum passing grade (65 or higher) in all courses.
b. A student must have an overall average of 70% for all courses combined in the applicable period.
c. Students will be monitored for grades at each warning period and at the close of each marking period.
d. Students who are deemed ineligible at the close of the warning period will serve a minimum one-week probation period and may not resume playing or participating in games or performances until eligibility requirements have been met.
e. Students who have a final course failing grade must sit out 1/8 of their season’s games/performances and may not resume playing or participating in games or performances until eligibility requirements have been met.
f. If a student has a failing grade on their end-of-the-school-year report card, including transition from middle school to high school they must sit out 1/8 of their season’s games/performances at the start of the fall season and may not resume playing or participating in games or performances until eligibility requirements have been met. Passing a course in summer school does not make a student eligible for a fall sport activity.


Failure to pass ALL courses and maintain a 70 average will result in a minimum one (1) week probation period. The probation period for ineligible students will begin the day grades are finalized.

Students should be encouraged to try out or practice during this period, but may not participate in games or performances. Players may attend games (not in uniform) and may only go to away games if it does not interfere with attending classes. After a one week period the ineligible student must get an Academic Eligibility Report sheet from the Activities Office and complete it with a teacher’s signature for each course verifying that the student is passing at that present time. If after the 3 one week period the student has not met eligibility requirements, probation continues until requirements are met.


An ineligible student may call for an appeal from their guidance counselor if he/she feels the grade(s) is unjust or inaccurate. An appeal hearing will occur within three (3) school days after the request is received. The student and/or the parents are the only ones who may initiate the appeal process. The principal will render a decision within one school day.

The following people may be present at the appeal hearing: the principal, the activities director, the student's guidance counselor, Special education case manager as appropriate, the teachers who have given the grades that caused the student to become ineligible, the coach/advisor of the desired activity, and the student/and/or parents. All of the student's teachers may attend if they wish.


  1. If the student/athlete is absent from school on the day of a game, performance or club activity, he/she will not be allowed to participate. Exceptions such as funerals, field trips, college visitations, must be made known to the advisor/coach in advance.

  2. If suspended from school, the student will not be allowed to play/practice/participate on the day(s) of suspension only.

  3. If excused from physical education, the student will not be allowed to play or practice on an athletic team.

  4. Students who have attained the age of 19 prior to August 1 shall be ineligible to participate in a Vermont Principal's Association (VPA) activity or sport the ensuing year.

  5. Students have four (4) consecutive years or eight (8) semesters of eligibility for participation in high school athletics starting from their enrollment as freshmen.

  6. Students must sign an agreement on code of conduct before participation in extracurricular activities.

    These rules apply to any student year round, at school-sponsored and non-school-sponsored activities, whether on or off school grounds, and whether or not the individual student’s particular sport or activity is in season. Any violation of the substance abuse policy #5175 during the course of the activity/sport, will result in the following action for the student:

    a. FIRST OFFENSE: the student will be suspended for one-quarter (1/4) of the club/teams' activities/games for the season. The student will be allowed to continue to practice with the team. Students in a club (drama, Jazz Band, chess, etc.) will be allowed to continue participating in the activity, but must sit out 1/4 of the season's performances, concerts, tournaments, etc.

    b. SECOND OFFENSE: the student will be suspended from the club/team for the semester/season.

    Coaches/advisors will report all situations to the administration with the knowledge that all school related violations (those that happen on school grounds or at school sanctioned activities) will result in a (minimum of three day out-of-school) suspension in addition to being suspended from 1/4 of the games/activities.

  7. Any verbal or physical misconduct, unsportsmanlike conduct or emotional outbursts by participants shall cause immediate counseling by the respective coach or advisor. Coaches are to report incidents to the Activities Director, who in turn reports it to the appropriate principal. The principal or designee will make the decision regarding participation.

  8. A student who commits acts of vandalism, or uses, possesses, or distributes controlled substances, is involved in larceny or theft, set fire alarms, carry weapons, take part in breaches of peace, hazing or harassment, or any other severe infraction, will be denied the opportunity to take part in extracurricular activities for a length of time as determined by the building principal in accordance with applicable policy.

  9. A student who violates the Code of Conduct will be subject to suspension from the activity.

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