6150 - Computer Equipment Inventory and Disposal Policy

Policy 6150 Computer Equipment Inventory and Disposal Policy title box

Computer equipment inventory and disposal shall be accomplished in the following& manner:
  1. An inventory of equipment purchased with local, state and federal funds shall be up-dated and maintained at each school making such purchases. The inventory shall include at least the following: source of funds used, date of purchase, generic name, brand name, model, serial number, quantity, program assignment and location.
  2. Disposal of equipment:
    When a school is disposing of functional computer equipment it shall dispose of it in the following order of priority:
    A. The equipment shall be moved to another SVSU approved education program within the school and the inventory updated; or
    B. If the equipment was purchased using state and/or federal funds the equipment shall be moved to another SVSU approved education program within the district and the inventory updated.
    C. If the equipment was not purchased using federal or state funds, the equipment may be offered for sale to other schools, libraries, daycare, early education programs, senior citizen centers and other non-profit organizations. The SVSU Technology Department will authorize in writing that the equipment is eligible for sale. The inventory must be updated upon completion of the sale.
  3. The Southwest Vermont Career Development Center is required by Vermont State to follow state regulation 2396 when disposing of obsolete or surplus computer equipment.
  4. When disposing of computer equipment that is no longer operational and that has been determined not to be cost effective to repair by the SVSU Technology Department, the equipment shall be labeled “non serviceable” and disposed of at the local transfer station or through a recycling agency. The cost of such disposal is the responsibility of the local school and the inventory must be updated.
  5. Obsolete or surplus equipment/materials not transferred to Town Agencies may be sold in public sale on an as needed basis. Groups or organizations, not mentioned in C above, shall receive preference over individuals. Computer equipment shall not be sold to an employee of the school district unless the equipment is offered for sale to the general public. Under those circumstances, the employee shall receive an equal, but not preferential, opportunity to purchase the computer equipment.

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