6000 - Curriculum & Instruction

SVSU Unified Board Policy Development

The Southwest Vermont Supervisory Union is comprised of five elementary school districts (Bennington, North Bennington, Pownal, Shaftsbury and Woodford) and the Mount Anthony Union High School District #14, comprised of a middle school and high school. All the elementary districts send their students to Mount Anthony Union Middle School. The students are further educated at Mount Anthony Union High School and/or the Southwest VT Career Development Center. The boards have agreed to work together. Therefore, all policies are developed supervisory union wide so that rules do not change for students and staff from district to district. Links to supervisory union policies are below.

All policies are in Adobe Acrobat Reader (.pdf), which is required to view the files.
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6000 - Curriculum To continually develop and modify the curriculum to meet changing needs. 
6100 - Library Material Selection That the responsibility for library material selection lies with the media specialist (librarian), subject to approval of the Superintendent VSA 3743. 
6130 - Copyright To adhere to the provisions of the 1976 copyright act, P.O. 94-553, and subsequent rulings as entered into the United States Code pertaining to print and non-print materials which include ... 
6141 - Computer, Network and Internet Acceptable Use To provide students and staff access to a multitude of information technology (IT) resources 
6150 - Computer Equipment Inventory and Disposal Policy Computer equipment inventory and disposal shall be accomplished in the following manner... 
6160 - Humane Handling and Care of Animals in School To permit live animals in the classroom under appropriate conditions. 
6161 - BSD Animals in School To have guidelines regarding the presence of animals on school property, in school buildings and classrooms in order to protect individuals from harm and to promote a healthy environment. 
6190 - Holiday Observance and Program Policy To recognize the diverse beliefs which are held by the various constituents of our school community, and encourage all students and staff to appreciate and be tolerant of each other’s religious beliefs. 
6200 - Animal Dissection To comply with the requirements of 16 V.S.A. §912 “Pupil’s Right of Refusal; Animal Dissection “regarding the right of students to be excused form participating in or observing activities involving the dissection or vivisection of animals. 
6230 - Curriculum Based Field Trips That field trips should be a significant part of the educational program of our schools when they are properly integrated into the curriculum of a particular subject, activity, class or school. 
6330 - Student Eligibility for Athletics & Co-Curricular Activities To encourage participation in athletics and the various other activities that are offered at the middle and high schools. 
6350 - Grade Advancement: Retention, Promotion & Acceleration of Students To assure all students have reached a standard of achievement necessary for satisfactory progress in the next grade. 
6382 - Home Study Programs Appropriate school activities and programs will be offered to home study students as available, in the absence of a budgetary, school climate, or adverse educational impact on enrolled public school students. 
6383 - Evaluation for Students Transferring from Non-Public Learning Institutions To give these students the opportunity to continue their education in SVSU schools in the most appropriate placement. 
6400 - Optimum Class Size To provide all students a free and appropriate education in a safe environment conducive to learning. 
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