5010 - Compensatory Education Parent Involvement

Policy 5010 compensatory education parent involvement title box

The Southwest Vermont Supervisory Union, Bennington School District, Inc., Mount Anthony Union School District, North Bennington Graded School District, Pownal School District, Shaftsbury School District, and Woodford School District recognize the importance of involving parents in its Compensatory Education Programs in compliance with Section 1118 of "Improving America's Schools Act of 1994.

The goals of the Supervisory Union's parental involvement effort are:

1. To inform program parents about:
a. the reasons for their children's participation
b. the specific instructional objectives and methods.

2. To support parents efforts to (including training parents to the maximum extent practicable):
a. work with their children,
b. understand the program requirements,

3. To train parents/teachers and principals to build a partnership between home and school,

4. To train the teachers, principals, and other staff to work effectively with program parents,

5. To consult with parents on an ongoing basis concerning the manner in which school and parents can work together to achieve program objectives.

6. To provide a comprehensive range of opportunities for parents to be informed, in a timely way, about program, design, operation, evaluation, allowing opportunities for parental participation,

7. To ensure opportunities, for full participation by parents who lack literacy or English proficiency skills or do not know English.

To achieve these goals, the Supervisory Union will fully meet requirements set forth in Section 1118 of "Improving America's Schools Act of 1994".

Parent involvement activities conducted annually to implement these requirements shall occur at both the school and Supervisory Union.

Policy 5010 warning and adoption dates

Administrative Regulations, Policy # 5010


1. Parents will be notified in writing when a child has been elected to participate in the Title I program. An explanation will be provided of why the child has been selected, and what the program will be.

2. Written reports of student progress will be sent to parents at least twice each school year.

3. Parents will be scheduled to confer with the Title I teachers, at regularly scheduled Parent Conference times. Title I teachers will also be available for additional conferences as needed.

4. Parents' recommendations for children's educational programs will be solicited.

5. Materials and suggestions will be provided to parents to help them promote the education of their children.


1. A parent informational meeting will be conducted to:
a. Provide information about the Title I program and activities.
b. Solicit parent input in the planning, operation and activities of the Title I Program.
c. Consult with parents concerning organization and practices to achieve the goals or objectives of the Title I program.

2. A parent involvement council will meet to discuss the implementation of this policy and to create a plan of additional parent involvement activities.

3. Parents will be provided with an opportunity to assess the program's parental involvement activities using a survey and convening a meeting for parents.

A committee of parents and teachers will develop a Parent School Compact which helps to define how school staff and parents work together to help students achieve high standards.

This policy will be reviewed annually by parents, teachers, and other school personnel. Any suggested changes to the policy will be considered by the Title I director, and may then be recommended to the Board of Directors for its consideration.