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SVSU Unified Board Policy Development

The Southwest Vermont Supervisory Union is comprised of five elementary school districts (Bennington, North Bennington, Pownal, Shaftsbury and Woodford) and the Mount Anthony Union High School District #14, comprised of a middle school and high school. All the elementary districts send their students to Mount Anthony Union Middle School. The students are further educated at Mount Anthony Union High School and/or the Southwest VT Career Development Center. The boards have agreed to work together. Therefore, all policies are developed supervisory union wide so that rules do not change for students and staff from district to district. Links to supervisory union policies are below.

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5004 - Harassment, Hazing, and Bullying The Southwest Vermont Supervisory Union and its member districts [hereinafter “District”] are committed to providing all of its students with a safe and supportive school environment in which all members of the school community are treated with respect. 
5005 - Reporting of Child and Vulnerable Adult Abuse, Sexual Abuse, and Sexual Violence to implement the requirements of 33 V.S.A. § 4913, to ensure that school district employees meet their legal reporting obligations under 33 V.S.A. § 4913 and other related statutory requirements. 
5010 - Compensatory Education Parent Involvement To recognize the importance of involving parents in its Compensatory Education Programs in compliance with Section 1118 of "Improving America's Schools Act of 1994. 
5011 - Parent Involvement to encourage and support the involvement of parents in their children’s education. 
5012 - Provision of Special Educational Services to Private School Students To provide special education services to private school children with disabilities as and to the extent provided by Federal and State law. 
5015 - Personalized Learning Plans to ensure all students in grade seven through grade twelve shall have a Personalized Learning Plan, which shall be a written document developed by the student, a representative of the school and, if the student is a minor, the student’s parent or legal guardian. 
5016 - Proficiency-Based Graduation Requirements all students will need to demonstrate achievement of all proficiency-based graduation requirements before receiving a high school diploma, as the culmination of a Pre-K through grade 12 education... 
5020 - Kindergarten Eligibility A child who reaches the age of five on or before August 31, shall be determined eligible to attend kindergarten the coming school year. 
5030 - Attendance To encourage attendance for the full number of days during which school is held for all students enrolled in kindergarten through grade twelve. 
5050 - Discipline of Pupils Suspension and Expulsion of Pupils Corrective action may be imposed on a student in response to misconduct by the student 
5065 - Verbal/Physical Assault of an Employee Any student who verbally threatens or physically assaults an employee shall be suspended immediately pending a hearing before the appropriate Board. 
5080 - Dress Code To enforce a dress code to create and maintain a productive and positive learning environment, minimizing disruptions and distractions. 
5084 - Personal Use of Wireless Communication Students may possess wireless communication devices in school, ... , provided that during instructional time the wireless communication device remains off and concealed unless instructed otherwise by a teacher. 
5085 - Search and Seizure To permit and conduct reasonable searches of school property, students, and their personal property, and the seizure of such property as provided below. 
5086 - Weapons Prohibition To comply with the Federal Gun Free Schools Act of 1994, 16 V.S.A. §563 (5), and §1166, requiring school districts to provide for the expulsion of students who bring weapons (firearms) to school. 
5087 - Threats and Disruptions to School Operations To respond quickly and effectively to any threat to the safety of its students and staff. 
5089 - Weapons Prohibition Other Than Students To comply with Title 13, Sections 4003 and 4004 prohibiting the possession of dangerous or deadly weapons in a school bus, a school building or on school property by any person. 
5090 - Interrogation or Searches of Students by Law Enforcement or Other Agencies A student under the age of 18 in school may not be interrogated by any authority other than school personnel without the knowledge of the school administrator and knowledge and permission of parent or guardian 
5100 - Screening Health services must comply with state law requirements related to health screening and assessment. 
5110 - Immunization All students must meet immunization requirements as defined by Vermont State Law. 
5130 - Illness and Injury Recognizes that school population consists of individuals of a wide range of ages and physical well being who participate in a variety of activities. 
5140 - Communicable Diseases Recognizes the transmission of communicable diseases must be limited in order to protect the rights of all students and employees. 
5145 - Condom Availability All schools will provide a comprehensive health education program regarding healthy behaviors, decision making, and the risks associated with sexual activity as appropriate. 
5156 - Student Nutrition and Wellness To establish goals which support improved nutrition for all students, nutrition education, physical activity, and other school based activities that are designed to promote student wellness. 
5175 - Possession, Sale, Distribution and Use of Illegal Substances No student shall knowingly distribute, possess, use, sell, give, be in the presence of or otherwise transmit, or be under the influence of any illegal drug, regulated substance, alcohol, or drug paraphernalia or mind/behavior altering substance on any school property, or at any school-sponsored activity. 
5176 - Medication in School To comply with 16 VSA section 1387, regulations for For any student who is required to take medication during the regular school day 
5180 - Tobacco Prohibition The use of tobacco by any person on school grounds is a violation of state law, and it is hereby prohibited. 
5185 - Anaphylaxis It is the policy of the board that immediate and appropriate intervention shall be provided to assure the most successful management of an anaphylactic episode. 
5200 - Fund Raising To endorse the concept of fund-raising for the following reasons... 
5210 - Student Clubs & Activities A student activity program appropriate to the maturity of students and as varied as staff and facilities permit will be maintained. 
5260 - Limited English Proficiency To ensure equal educational opportunities for every student with equitable access to school programs. 
5265 - Educational Files and Records (FERPA) To maintain educational files and records in compliance with FERPA 
5266 - Educational Support System To assist teachers in accommodating children in the regular classroom to the greatest extent possible. 
5400 - Student Safety To maintain safe conditions within our schools. 
5405 - Behavioral Intervention That students not be subjected to the unreasonable use of restrictive behavior interventions, and that there be a common understanding within the SVSU and its member Districts of appropriate interventions by District staff. 
5411 - Comprehensive HIV and Bloodborne Pathogens Policy for Schools K-12 To recognize the rights of students and employees with HIV... 
5500 - Pupil Privacy Rights To comply with the provisions of the federal Pupil Privacy Rights Amendment (PPRA) governing the administration of certain student surveys, analyses or evaluations funded in whole or in part by the U.S. Department of Education. 
5650 - Posting and Distribution of Materials That the building principal is responsible for approving all material to be posted in schools or distributed to students or staff. 
5700 - Non Resident Students To admit to its schools only students who are residents of the District, and not to admit students who are non-residents of the District. 
5701 - Bennington School District Tuition Policy To accept non-resident special education students for enrollment into their self-contained programs as disabled students, where, in the discretion of the District and school administrators, there is space and ... 
5703 - North Bennington Tuition Policy To enroll non-resident students under such terms and restrictions as the District deems best ... 
5704 - Pownal Tuition To enroll non-resident students under such terms and restrictions as the District deems best ... 
5705 - Shaftsbury Tuition Policy To enroll non-resident students under such terms and restrictions as the District deems best ... 
5706 - Woodford Tuition Policy To enroll non-resident students under such terms and restrictions as the District deems best ... 
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