4276 - Supervision of Volunteers and Work Study Students

Policy 4276 Supervision of Volunteers and Work Study Students title box

It is the policy of the Southwest Vermont Supervisory Union, Bennington School District, Inc., Mount Anthony Union School District, North Bennington Graded School District, Pownal School District, Shaftsbury School District, and Woodford School District to recognize the valuable contributions made to the school by volunteers and work-study students. The Boards further recognize the need to supervise volunteers and work-study students to enhance the education and safety of district students.


A volunteer is an individual not employed by the school district who works on an occasional or regular basis in the school setting to assist the staff. A volunteer works without compensation or economic benefits.

A work-study student is a post secondary student who receives compensation for work performed at a school operated by the district as part of a work experience program sponsored or provided by the college or university at which he or she is enrolled. A student working toward a teaching credential who is placed as a student teacher at a district school is not a student. A work-study student may work in the capacity as a mentor, working with students under the direct supervision of either the classroom teacher or special education teacher.

The principals are authorized to recruit and approve volunteers and work-study students to work within the school. It is the principal’s responsibility to be reasonably sure that the volunteer or work-study student is a person of good character with the ability to make substantial contributions to the school. The principal or Superintendent shall require volunteers and work-study students to complete information forms providing personal and criminal background information to comply with Policy 4080 (16 V.S.A. §251 et seq.) The Superintendent or designee shall ensure that only volunteers and work-study students who have been screened and approved by the Superintendent may have unsupervised contact with students. The screening process shall include a check with the Vermont Sex Abuse Registry. A person who is listed on the Vermont Sex Abuse Registry shall not be eligible for contact with students. A person who fails to provide full and accurate background information in response to the principal’s or Superintendent’s inquiries will not be permitted to work with students. Placement of volunteers and work-study students will be made by the principal or the principal’s designee.

Volunteers and work-study students who work with students will be under the immediate supervision of a licensed professional employee. Volunteers and work-study students will not have unsupervised contact with students, except when it is of short duration and necessary in the context of activities planned by and under the direction of professional school staff or contractors employed by the school. Volunteers and work-study students are expected to comply with school policies, rules and regulations.

Volunteers and work-study students will be informed by the principal of the extent to which school district insurance policies protect them from personal liability resulting from claims against them based on negligence or other injurious conduct while acting in a volunteer or work-study capacity.

Volunteers and work-study students shall not subject students, staff, other volunteers or visitors to the school to discrimination or harassment prohibited by federal or state law (16 V.S.A. §565) and regulation or by the policies within the Southwest Vermont Supervisory Union.

Contractors shall also be subject to screening through the Vermont Sex Abuse Registry.

Cross References:
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