3215 - School Parking

Policy 3215 School Policy title box

Each Board shall be empowered to set, review, and change the general parking regulations as necessary. This review may be at the Board's pleasure for its own building(s) as necessary.

It shall be policy of the Southwest Vermont Supervisory Union, Bennington School District, Inc., Mount Anthony School District, North Bennington Graded School District, Pownal School District, Shaftsbury School District, and Woodford School District that general operation and enforcement of regulations shall be administered through the Office of the Principal in a fair and just manner.

Policy 3215 warnings and adoption dates

Administrative Regulations for Mount Anthony High School Campus
a. General operation and enforcement shall be set forth in the Handbook.

b. All faculty, staff, and students who are granted parking permits shall register their vehicles and provide any required information.

c. All registered vehicles shall be provided an identifying sticker which shall be immediately attached to the windshield of said vehicle.

If special parking areas are designated they should be clearly identified.