3200 - Emergency Closings

Policy 3200 Energency Closings title box

For the safety of our students, it is the policy of the Boards of Directors of the Southwest Vermont Supervisory Union, Bennington School District, Inc., Mount Anthony Union School District, North Bennington Graded School District, Pownal School District, Shaftsbury School District, and Woodford School District that the superintendent or designee may order the closing of any or all schools whose operation on a short-term basis would pose a serious threat to students or staff. Such emergencies may include but are not limited to inclement weather conditions, equipment breakdown, threats, or health risks. The superintendent or designee will also have the authority to delay school opening or dismiss early due to inclement weather or other emergencies. In all cases, notification will be given to staff and the public according to a predetermined plan developed by the superintendent and/or building principal. The board chair will be notified as soon as practicable by the superintendent or designee when school is closed for non weather related emergencies. The school calendar or length of day may be affected.

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