3106 - School-Building Enrollment Zones and Attendance Out of Bennington School District Assigned Zone

It is the policy of the Bennington School Board that enrollment zones be maintained and updated (redistricted) periodically to reflect the changing distribution of students within the District. This examination and any necessary updating of enrollment zones shall take place at least once every five years.

Any redistricting shall be done in such a way as to most evenly distribute students among the operating schools, taking into account both physical space available and equity in educational programs, while minimizing disruption to families and keeping siblings together.

This policy does not restrict the Superintendent from assigning any student in any grade to any school when such assignment is deemed in the best interests of the student or the District.

Any request by a family for reassignment must be in writing and must be received by the Superintendent by May 1, 2007 for the first year of implementation of this policy. In subsequent years the deadline is May 1. The Superintendent retains the authority to evaluate specific requests and make all final decisions regarding building assignments for students. These requests shall be re-evaluated on a yearly basis.

The Superintendent annually shall provide a written report to the Board, summarizing the number of and reasons for such requests and the final decisions. Information in this report shall be presented in such a way to maintain family and student confidentiality.

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