1200 - Marketing Advertising Surveying and Donations in the Schools

I. It is the policy of the Boards of Directors of the Southwestern Vermont Supervisory Union, Bennington School District, Inc., Mount Anthony Union School District, North Bennington Graded School District, Pownal School District, Shaftsbury School District and Woodford School District that marketing, advertising, surveying (polling) and donations in the schools shall occur only if and when they support each District’s goals.

II. It is also the policy of the Districts that solicitation of students and staff on school premises shall be restricted to prevent exploitation of students and staff by undue advertising, solicitation or promotion of products in the schools.

III. The purposes of this policy are:

a. to recognize that each District funds its educational programs through its budget as approved by the voters in each District;

b. to recognize that Districts welcome and appreciate donations which support the philosophy, purposes and programs of our schools, and recognize that gifts can extend the capacity of each District to broaden the educational experiences of their students. Districts recognize, further, that it may be in the best interest for students to learn about products or opportunities that may be of help or service to them;

c. to encourage each Board to set reasonable limits on advertising, solicitation, and marketing in the schools and to balance the goals and needs of the Districts with community support and goodwill.

IV. Policy guidelines for District Boards:

a. Donations, marketing, advertising may be accepted if the District Board finds these are consistent with the philosophy, purposes and interest of its school(s).

b. Each District Board may establish the terms and conditions under which a specific donation or marketing effort may be accepted. Considerations the Board may take into account, among others, are that the gift or advertising does not expose the District to undue financial or other risk, or to expending funds without approval by the Board

c. The Superintendent or his/her designee will develop administrative regulations to implement this policy. These regulations shall be consistent with current related policies on Fundraising in the Schools (#5200) and Posting and Distribution of Materials (#5650).

For administrators:
Administrative Regulations: (suggested Admin. regs, based on Model VSBA Policy on Solicitation and Advertising)
a. Permission to post bulletins announcing services to students or staff must be obtained from the Principal (see also Policy #5650)

b. Permission to distribute commercial materials, announcements of sales or solicitations must be obtained from the Principal

c. Fundraising activities require approval of the Principal (see also Policy 5200)

d. Distribution of any informational materials not related directly to the instructional program of the school requires approval of the Principal (see also Policy #5650)

e. Organizations or individuals wishing to survey students or staff must forward their request and a sample survey to the Principal or Superintendent for prior approval