1000 - Policy Drafting Committee

Policy #1000 - Policy Drafting Committee title block

A. Policy Development

System-wide policies, which address the needs of all, will be developed with input from Directors and appropriate staff from each District within the Supervisory Union. A single policy manual will be maintained and the policies for all School Districts and the Supervisory Union will be the same to assure that rules do not change for students or staff who transfer from one District to another within the Supervisory Union.

B. The Policy Adoption Process

The Southwest Vermont Supervisory Union Policy Drafting Committee which includes board representatives from each District and community volunteers, will be responsible for initiating policy development for the Supervisory Union. The Policy Drafting Committee shall research and compose a draft document for warning by boards. The draft document will be written in a standard policy format, assigned the number it will have once adopted, be identified with a watermark as a working document given a draft date, and notice of affirmative review by SVSU attorneys.

The working document will be placed on the SVSU board’s agenda and subsequently on each district’s board agenda for discussion only. Comments from boards or administrators shall be forwarded to the Policy Drafting Committee.

The Policy Drafting Committee will take all comments and requests for modification into consideration and revise the policy draft as necessary. Subsequently, the document may be resubmitted for legal review if the Policy Drafting Committee deems it necessary.

The document, in policy format, and printed on white paper, will then be placed on the SVSU Board’s agenda as a candidate policy for warning.

Once warned by the SVSU Board, the policy will be placed on each district’s board agenda for consideration for warning and for subsequent adoption.

Once a policy has been warned and adopted by each and every district board, the policy will return to the SVSU Board for final adoption.

All State and Federal policies, as required, will be reviewed by the SVSU Policy Drafting Committee. Necessary revisions will be made by the Policy Drafting Committee.

The Policy Drafting Committee will review and approve by consensus any proposed or revised administrative procedures.

C. Policy Heading & Adoptions History Format

Policy headings will adhere to a single format. The heading of each policy will contain the names of each of the districts and the supervisory union in the top left corner. The policy name will be on the top center. The top right will contain the policy number. The Adoption History at the end of each policy will show the warning and adoption dates by each of the boards, policy latest review date, and the number of any replaced policy. Policies as required by State or Federal Law will be stated as such in the heading box under policy #. Examples:

example image of SVSU policy heading

Policy Text:

An “Administrative Procedures Completed” column will be added to the document to track the completion of administrative procedures for Policy Drafting Committee.

D. Policy Dissemination

A master file of policies will be maintained as an electronic file accessed through the SVSU website with one separate electronic file as the primary file. E-mail notification of newer posted policies will be sent to SVSU Administrators and noted on the website as updated with date posted. Building principals or their designee will print a hard copy upon request. Building principals will review all new policies in staff meetings, and assure that all staff, parents and students who are affected by the policy and who do not typically attend scheduled meetings, are aware of the new policy.

Legal References (If any)

Reference: 16 VSA Section 563 (1)

District and Supervisory Union Warning and Adoption Dates

policy warning and adoption dates

Protocol for Drafting and Adopting Policies; attached to Policy #1000:

Individual boards may have policies that are specific to their districts, such as tuition policies.
5701, 5703, etc.